4 months old

This sweet little things is 4 months old already. He weighed in at 12.9 lbs and is getting more handsome every day.


3 months old

We are SOOOOO spoiled with this little guy! This is the face I see every morning. He has the happiest, sweetest personality. I might be bragging but all he does is smile, sleep and eat. Love him.


Silver King Coffee Co


2 weeks old...

Some of my favorites from Bear's newborn photo's. He was 2 weeks old and not quite back to 5 lbs. He is so TINY!


Forks Over Knives

I am the local ambassador for this great documentary. If you are in Utah it will be playing at the Holiday Village Cinema, 1776 Park Ave., Park City, UT starting on Friday July 15th. I will be there that night. Get out and see it if you can!

Educate yourself!


Family Time..

New Cousins

Coco was in heaven playing with her Grandma and Grandpa Hirschi. It was so great to have them at our house for a few days after we came home from the hospital. Lots of laughs and good food. My sister Stephanie and her new baby boy Bronson were able to come out too. It was so fun to have the two babies together.

This is why the newborn photographers make the big $$$!! Ben's attempt to take the babies pictures was hilarious!

Bronson 4 weeks old and about 8.5 lbs

Bear 5 days old and almost 5 lbs

1st day home.. 4 lbs 8 oz